Ulmus glabra

Vuorijalava on koko Suomessa rauhoitettu laji. Common name: wych elm, Scots elm. Interesting fact: before metal was widely. Kukka: Pieni, säteittäinen, lyhytperäinen.

Silmut lähes pallomaisia, tylppiä, tummia.

Population variability of wych elm ( ulmus glabra huds

Ulmus glabra

Kestää hyvin tuulta, sietää ajoittain seisovaa vettä. Se on Etelä-Suomen lehtomaisten kasvupaikkojen harvinainen jalopuu. It is hardy to zone (UK) 5 and is not frost tender. It is in flower from February.

Se kasvaa luontaisena Etelä-Suomessa hyvin. Ulmus glabra is an elm native to Europe where it ranges widely over that continent.

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Ulmus glabra

In North America, it is planted for ornament and sometimes escapes. The seeds in Autumn are very tempting to red squirrels. Ulmus glabra grows into a mid sized spreading tree, it produces highly prized timber despite its difficulty. Vanhan puun latvus on leveän suppilomainen, pystyhaarainen ja oksat nuokkuvat kärjistään. This account presents information on all aspects of the biology of Ulmus glabra Hudson (wych elm) that are relevant to understanding its.

Interspecific hybridisation and interaction with cultivars affect the genetic variation of Ulmus minor and Ulmus glabra in Flanders Tree Genet. Range Description: Ulmus glabra is predominantly found within continental Europe and its islands. It also occurs in the Caucasus, western Asia and parts of. Edukseen rakennetussa ja arvokkaassa ympäristössä. Wych Elm learn more about names for. Scotch elm, wych elm, broad-leaved elm.

Creative Commons Attribution 3. Mahdolliset toimitustavat: Nikinmäki Lähialue toimitus, Kuorma-auto toimitus Vain PK-Seudulle Hiab 6m, Kuljetukset Lähialueille! Broad spreading tree with branches. This elm forms a broad flattened crown with branches growing more or less horizontally in layers.

Vuorijalava (ulmus glabra)

Ulmus glabra

The twigs at the end of the (lateral) branches are slightly. Stately tree with a dense crown, the lowest branches somewhat pendulous. The bark remains smooth for a long time. Wych elm ( Ulmus glabra ) is a large deciduous tree with a widespread natural range, including most of Europe, from the United Kingdom to Siberia, including. This image is in the public domain because the copyrights of the original work of art have expired. It is a reproduction of a painting by the Swedish botanist. Native from Europe to northern and western Asia.

Tämän kuvasivuston ja niiden tiedostojen käyttöoikeus on kuvien ottajalla! Kaikkien kuvatiedostojen luvaton. A European species, sporadically escaped to fields and disturbed forests. Ulkomainen rekisterinumero, Muut rekisterinumerot. Wych elm, Scots elm (Eng), olmo de montaña (Spa), om, oma (Cat), zugarr, zugarra (Baq), llamagueiro (Glg), olmo silvestre (Por). Oksat aivan rungonmyötäisesti, nuorena vaikutelma kuin kiertyisivät rungon ympärille. Leamhán sléibhe ( Ulmus glabra ). The wych elm is native, but many varieties of wych elm and smooth leaved elm have been introduced and planted. Spreading more up to north in relation to other European species of elm trees, the wych elm ( Ulmus glabra Huds.) is a very valuable, noble hardwood species.

View the profiles of people named Ulmus Glabra. A medium sized deciduous tree which has a vase shape when young, but develops into a tree with a more rounded. English Turkish online dictionary Tureng, translate words and terms with different pronunciation options. Inoculation of Wych elm ( Ulmus glabra ) with the fungi Ceratocystis ulmi, Chrondrostereum purpureum and Coriolus versicolor induced the formation of a series.